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Sweet Potato and Greens


I started having a savory veggie based “breakfast” (break my fast) lately because i know true hunger set in if I’m willing to eat Veggies. 

Here’s just a simple sweet potato and greens meal. 

I baked the sweet potato before I’m feeling hungry so its ready when i am. You can also batch bake some ahead of time and keep in fridge for a couple days or freeze them! Then just heat and eat. 

425° for 45 minutes to an hour. I baked two. And mine was the japanese kind with the lighter flesh. They are less sweet and more starchy. But still micronutrient dense. 

Water saute onion (i had some red onion chopped so that’s what i used) and then added minced garlic (the store bought kind in water). this is a non toxic ceramic non stick pan. But stainless steel works just as good. 

Add half a bag of frozen chopped spinach. 

I seasoned with some low sodium tamari and added grape tomatoes, lemon juice, and sea salt. 

Open the baked sweet potato and fluff up with a fork

I used this great dressing i found. If i didn’t have this i would use oil free hummus or a tahini based sauce i would make. 

Top with cooked greens

Yum! Enjoy

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