About Bella Virtue

Bella Virtue is a multifaceted Wellness Company.

Bella Virtue/Eat is all about FOOD and Healthy EATING, and the RECIPES to help you live a life of wellness.

The recipes we create are wholesome family recipes that are 100% Plant-Based and most are Gluten-Free. Because we are centered around fueling our bodies and our family’s bodies with life promoting, disease preventing, healthful foods, we focus on ingredients that are Whole Food, Mostly Organic, and free from refined or processed ingredients.

We include allergen information on all our recipes, and because the recipes are vegan they are all naturally free of dairy, egg, meat, fish/seafood. And we note if they are soy free, gluten free, grain free, nut free, corn free, etc. These are meals you can serve to most anyone who is interested in adding more fruits, veggies, and plants into their meal plan.

We are all looking to live healthier happier lives after all. Eat Well, Be Well.


Mama Bella